Trigger Point Therapy Gets Patent on GRID Technology


Trigger Point Performance Therapy has recently been issued a US patent on its foam roller technology used to create the GRID, GRID XGRID 2.0 and GRID Mini. I think it was a great move, seeing as though there are already companies attempting to copy the style of roller that has been Trigger Point’s claim to fame.

Here’s what the patent covers specifically: a multi-zone hollow core massage roller that addresses tender and painful conditions, such as muscle or connective tissue conditions and that can be used as a core workout or strengthening apparatus.

As you know, the Grid is one of our favorite rollers, so we’re excited for the Trigger Point team and what they’ve been able to accomplish thus far and wish them the best moving forward. They’ve created a great product and should be able to protect their product.

Distrodensity Zones

The Grid and all of the spawns of the Grid are designed with what they’ve coined as Distrodensity zones, which are basically the different surface widths you see on the roller. These are built to mimic the different lengths and widths of the human hand and fingers. The idea is to feel as close to an actual massage as possible. Why spend the money on a massage, when you can just get the Grid and go to town yourself??

Also, Trigger Point says the unique surface of the roller is what allows for tissues to aerate when rolling, which is basically helping to supply them with oxygen by promoting blood flow to the muscles. This helps in accelerating the repair of your muscles.

Where Does Trigger Point Go From Here?

Something I honestly didn’t know, that I’ve recently learned, is Trigger Point is actually a division of Implus Corporation, based out of North Carolina. Implus is a manufacturer of over a dozen brands in the footwear and recreational accessory sector. Trigger Point is, of course, based out of Texas, and describes itself as a brand that “helps people move better”.

Founder, Cassidy Phillips, states they created the Grid in 2008 as a “cost-effective way to help keep people healthy.” He goes on to explain that they wanted to create a high quality product, that wouldn’t just break down and be tossed out, but didn’t realize that in doing so – they became an immediate target for copycats. Which is typically how it goes, doesn’t it?

Cassidy is “proud of our team for this momentous accomplishment that allows us to protect the uniqueness of the GRID and ensure this quality product stands alone in the marketplace.”

They actually have more patent applications pending and Implus plans to “vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights against any and all competitors who may infringe its patented technology.” So any copycat brands out there, listen up. Implus is tolerating none of that and is looking to take out any products trying to capitalize on the GRID technology.

I’ll keep you posted on any updates I hear regarding Trigger Point or it’s massage therapy products.

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