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There are many great foam rollers on the market today, and there are many that will really get the job done. With all the options, however, it can be really difficult to choose one. That is why we are here.. to help simplify some of those tough decisions in life, like choosing an adequate foam roller. After looking at many of the different models on the market today, the winner goes to the SPRI EVA foam roller.

This foam roller should only be used by those that really want a deep-tissue massage. It is not for beginners or for those wanting something fairly light and comfortable.

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This foam roller will be pretty painful. When you foam roll, the goal is to hit trigger points and to roll out knots in the muscles. Anyone that has ever received a deep-tissue massage by a massage therapist or a physical therapist knows how painful these massages can be. From personal experience, deep-tissue massages are some of the most painful things I have experienced in my life.

This is what this foam roller is trying to mimic. Over time, after repeated use, the pain will not be nearly as intense, but expect this foam roller to be one of the densest on the market.

As a result of its density, it is highly durable and will last you a very long time. It is common that users report that after years of repeated use, the foam roller has not dented or changed at all.

SPRI EVA foam rollers are made of EVA foam, or more specifically, ethylene-vinyl acetate. This material is made of non-porous, heat-sealed, high-density foam, allowing it to maintain its round, firm shape, and to withstand moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface of the foam roller. This is used for a variety of products, and due to its resiliency and firmness, makes it a great choice for foam rolling.

According to American Council on Exercise, benefits of the SPRI EVA foam roller include:

  • The resiliency of the foam after repeated use
  • Its ability to be easily cleaned and its bacteria-resistant qualities
  • Its blue-color makes it look newer and fresher for longer
  • Due to its size and lightweight foam, it can be stored or transported very easily.

Some other benefits of this foam roller include its ability to be used for core, stability, and balancing exercises. Its roundness makes it perfect for these types of exercises, making this foam roller very versatile as well.

woman on spri eva roller

The surface of this foam roller is also designed to be easier to grip and less-slippery than other foam rollers, making it much more convenient.

The price of this foam roller can be a plus or a con depending on how you look at it. Compared to some of the cheapest products on the market, which are, simply put, not even close to the quality of this EVA foam roller, a price of $40 could be considered expensive. You could find a cheap, low-quality, less-dense roller for under $20.

However, if compared to some of the best foam rollers on the market whose prices extend all the way up to $70+, a price of $40 is a steal.

Although I highly recommend the 36″ model because it provides the most variability (this is the one that costs $40), there are 12″ models that are only $23 and a half-round 36″ model that is $35. The 12″ model is great if you want something that transports easier, but it is not ideal for core/balance training, or for rolling large muscle groups, such as your upper back. The half-round model is not very effective for foam rolling, but it is better than the round model in terms of balancing and core exercises, as it provides more types of exercises. However, if your goal is to foam roll, I would highly recommend purchasing the round model.

(Listed in the image below, are some ideas for different exercises that can be performed with the SPRI EVA foam roller)

The SPRI EVA foam roller is very reasonably priced if looking at factors such as density, durability, and multitude of exercise possibilities. It will last you a long time, is perfect for a deep-tissue massage, and it has a variety of uses, all for a very affordable price. When you weigh the pros and cons, there should be no confusion as to why this is our pick for the top EVA foam roller.

Danny is very passionate about overall health and wellness, and makes sure that health is a priority in his life. He is a certified personal trainer with ACE, and has a bachelor's degree in exercise science. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, getting a good workout in, going on hikes, reading a good book or traveling the world.

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