Top 4 Resistance Band Chest Exercises


Image Source: Muscle and Fitness

Using a resistance band is an ideal way to really work your muscles and get a killer workout. This article will be discussing the top 4 resistance band exercises for chest so that you can incorporate these exercises into your workout routine.

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Top 4 Resistance Band Chest Exercises

1. 2-Handed Chest Flies

resistance band two arm fly
Image Source: Muscle and Fitness

This exercise is one of the best resistance band chest exercises. Like the one-armed chest fly above, this exercise will isolate your chest, except it will be working both pectoral muscles at the same time, instead of one at a time.

To perform:

1. Find a solid vertical structure, like a pole. You can also anchor to a door as well. The goal is that the resistance band is aligned with your nipple line in your chest.

2. Wrap the resistance band around this structure.

3. With your back to the the anchor of choice (pole, door, etc.), perform a chest fly in the same arch-like motion as the 1-handed chest fly.

2. Resistance Band Push-Ups

resistance band pushup
Image Source: Xperformance

Are push-ups getting a little bit too easy, and you would like to add a little bit of resistance to challenge yourself? If this is the case, resistance bands can provide the resistance you need to really get that intense pump and push your chest muscles to exhaustion.

This is really one of my favorite resistance band chest exercises. To perform:

1. Wrap the resistance band around your back and under your armpits.

2. Get in the push-up position, making sure to have your palms pressed down on the end of the resistance bands.

3. Perform the push-up like you normally would, and you will notice the added resistance!

3. One-Armed Chest Fly

resistance band one arm fly
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This is the perfect resistance band exercise to isolate your chest. Isolation exercises can be very effective because it allows you to really focus all of your energy on that one particular muscle, hitting all parts of that muscle, in a way that cannot be done using compound exercises, such as bench press.

To perform:

1. Align your body so that you are standing horizontally in relation to the door.

2. Attach one handle of the resistance band to the middle of the door frame so that the resistance band aligns at your nipple line. Thus, you want to the resistance band to be in a straight line from the door frame to your nipple line.

3. With your body positioned horizontally with the door, grab the resistance band handle.

4. With your elbows maintaining a slight bend through the duration of the exercise, bring your hands around to the center of your body in an arch motion.

5. Return to the starting position. Complete for both sides of your body.


4. Resistance Band Chest Press

resistance band chest press
Image Source: Oxygen Mag

This is another great resistance band chest exercise to incorporate into your workout regimen.

To perform:

1. Attach the resistance band in the same way as the chest fly exercise above (or wrap around your back like the young lady above).

2. Position your body with your back facing the point of attachment, in exactly the same way as the chest flies.

3. With the handles placed at your nipple line, press your hands out in a straight line and back.

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