Our Top 3 Rollers


Foam rollers are not created equally. Some foam rollers are simply far superior than others, in regards to quality, price, durability, etc.

Listed below are the top 3 foam rollers that anyone serious about their health can really benefit from. They are not in any particular order and are all really valuable.

Our Top 3:

1. The Rumble Roller

There is a really good reason this is one of our favorite foam rollers.

The rumble roller is a very popular specialty roller and on first appearance, it looks like some kind of gladiator-looking weapon.

There are many different options when purchasing the rumble roller. You can get a blue one, which is softer, and a black one, which is harder. You can also get a small travel-sized option or a not-as-portable larger rumble roller.

Regardless of the foam roller you choose, they all have bumps along the surface designed to really get into your muscles to give you that deep-tissue massage.

At $70 (for the large black version), it is definitely one of the more expensive options. However, you tend to get what you pay for. This foam roller is fantastic for self-induced deep tissue massage. It is made of very high-quality EVA foam, and thus, should last many, many years.

There are very few problems reported with this foam roller as well, so thus, it is one of the best foam rollers money can buy.

2. Trigger Point Performance’s Grid/Grid 2.0

This is one of our favorites and for good reason. The Grid’s surface has a variety of different patterns on it, intended to provide different types of massages, just like a massage therapist would.

Because the Grid is fairly small, it allows for even more pressure on your tough knots. It is extremely durable and should last you many years.

In addition to being a great foam roller in regards to deep massage and muscle soreness prevention, it is very lightweight, takes up little space, and comes with a warranty.

Like the rumble roller, its only major downside is the increased cost. Ranging from $40-$60, it is a bit expensive, but well worth the additional price tag!

3. Yes4All High Density Foam Roller


yes4all high density foam roller

I may have much bias with this foam roller, but this is my most used foam roller for many reasons. I love how simple it is. There are no special gimmicks or tricks. It is very straight forward.

The main use of a foam roller is to get deep into your muscles to help get knots out and to relieve muscle soreness. This high density foam roller does just that.

It is really firm and, if used correctly, can really get into your muscles to help you work out all the different knots and tight spots. You can also use it for a variety of balancing, stability, and core exercises.

Another thing I love about this product is the price. Ranging from $7.50-$19.00 (depending on size), it is as cheap as it gets.

If your goal is something to lightly roll over your muscles, this is not the right choice for you, as it is one of the firmer models on the market. It also is not the most durable product available (although it is pretty durable), and if your goal is a product that will last you a lifetime, the other two options on this list may be better choices.

With that being said, it is my favorite foam roller. As far as effectiveness combined with price, I do not think you can get any better than this product. It does what it was designed to do. For a more in-depth review, check out the YES4ALL High Density Foam Roller Review. Sometimes simple can be better!

Danny is very passionate about overall health and wellness, and makes sure that health is a priority in his life. He is a certified personal trainer with ACE, and has a bachelor's degree in exercise science. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, getting a good workout in, going on hikes, reading a good book or traveling the world.

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