Rumble Roller Review

rumble roller review

I outline in great detail why I think foam rollers are essential for anyone looking to stay in shape and reduce the number of injuries while doing so. 

That said, not all foam rollers are created equally – actually very few foam rollers are equal. At the bottom you have the basic EVA and EPE Foam rollers – they tend to deform quickly but are relatively inexpensive. From there you get into high density foam rollers which are decent products in their own right.

Finally you get into brand specific foam rollers, like the Rumble Roller and the Trigger Point Grid.

Rumble Roller: The Good & The Bad

At about $70, the Rumble Roller is one of the most expensive rollers on the market. The Grid 2.0 is the only other foam roller that is in the same price range.

So what separates these two rollers from the pack? It comes down to durability and functionality.


rumble roller full

The Good

Rumble Roller’s main benefits are it’s durability and the unique, raised bumps. I really love it’s ability to dig into hard to reach places. I use it on my hips and my shoulders.

No other roller can target these areas like a Rumble Roller can.

The other huge win is it’s durability. Every year my gym replaces their foam rollers, these are all of the generic variety and have become useless because they’re oval. The only ones I’ve yet to see them replace are the Rumbles. They’re manufactured out of high quality material and it certainly shows.


rumble roller sizes

The Bad

The cost is the first draw back. Although, I’m a firm believer in getting what you pay for. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re dealing with, if you’re buying the least expensive option, it either won’t last long or won’t work effectively. Or a combination of both.

However, the Rumble Roller’s major drawback is it’s ineffectiveness for rolling out larger muscle groups. With the inclusion of the bumps it simply doesn’t roll as well. This is basic science something that is perfectly round will be better for rolling. Trying to slowly roll out my entire hamstring is pretty challenging with it.

My Recommendation

The verdict: A rumble roller is expensive and it doesn’t work as well on certain muscle groups as a conventional roller. It does, however, do a marvelous job of digging and massaging at those difficult to reach areas – hip flexors, feet and rotator cuffs.

I actually prefer the half-size over the 30″. The half-sizer is cheaper, and I prefer to use a smaller roller when the length of the roll is small.