Don’t Buy A Home Pull Up Bar Until You Read This

Pull_Up_BarSometimes you just can’t make the gym.  You get off work and don’t feel like dealing with other people or don’t feel you have enough time to make it a worthwhile stop.  At times like this it is nice to be able to fall back on a home workout routine.  There are a wide variety of exercises easily done at home, and the more home gym equipment you own, the more diverse your workout can be.  One piece of indispensable home gym equipment is the home pull up bar.  It can greatly increase the types of exercises possible and your fitness gains.

They add a number of great exercises to your home-ground repertoire. Many of these are pulling exercises that give a balance to all the pushing exercises (pushups, dips, etc.) that have become staples of home fitness routines.

Doing both push and pull exercises helps balance training across major muscle groups and muscle growth. This decreases your chances of over-training and/or injuring joints.

The Buff Dudes made a great video of the 5 pull-up mistakes to avoid. Great info to keep in mind once you choose your bar.

Types of Home Pull Up Bars

If we look at how home pull up bars are mounted, we find two distinct types; the doorway mounted and the joist/ceiling or wall mounted.

Doorway Chin Up Bar

The doorway mounted bar has the advantage of convenience.  You don’t have to go far to get a workout in.  Say you’re wandering through the house in the morning, on the way to brush your teeth you could easily knock out a couple chin-ups along the way.  Many of today’s doorway bars even work with leverage, taking away the hassle of any kind of installation. Awesome!

Mounted Ceiling

The joist/ceiling/wall mounted chin up bar is generally mounted outside or in a garage.  These tend to be a little sturdier then the doorframe types, but a little more expensive.  If you are looking for a bar to hang inverted from, to help stretch and realign your back, this type is safer than the doorframe mounted bar.

Free Standing

The final option is a free standing bar. These even more expensive, and if you cheap out you’re going to end up with a frame that isn’t very sturdy. The other downside is that you need a good chunk of floor space to safely position it.

Highly Rated Pull-up Bars

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar – Extreme Edition – The great thing about this bar is that it uses leverage to stay in place on a doorframe.  This means absolutely no installation necessary!  No screws or bolts to install and no need to mess up beautiful wood doorframes in the pursuit of fitness.  This bar is made for a good combination of grip positions including chin-up, pull-up, and neutral grip positions.  It also extends its versatility to the floor where it can be used for dips, and deeper range-of-motion pushups.

If you are lighter you can opt for the standard Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. It doesn’t support as much weight so be careful here.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – This is a heavy duty steel, ceiling mounted pull-up bar.  It can be mounted either to the bottom of a joist or to studs in the ceiling, making it more stable. THIS UNIT IS WALL MOUNTED!


These are a bit pricier than most of the door mounted types, and have multiple grip width options. If you’re going to permanently hang a bar from your ceiling or wall, make sure it’s a quality product.