Foam Roller Stretches

foam roller stretches
Image Source: Fittrax

Foam rollers have a wide range of uses. You can use them for building core strength, or relaxation techniques. However, the primary purpose of foam rollers is to gently massage, or stretch out tight muscles.

Do you have a sore back? Or tight hamstrings? Try these stretches to relieve nagging pains and aches. Enjoy!

Thanks to Moses over at Moses in Home Fitness for the great demonstration!

Quadricep Foam Roller Stretch

foam roll quads

While lying on your stomach place the foam roller just above your right hip. This will serve as the starting point.

Slowly lift your upper body off of the ground in order to apply pressure to your quadricep. If you need to add more weight place your left leg over your right leg.

Keep your body relaxed and slowly roll between your hip flexor and your knee.

Switch sides.

Hamstring Foam Roller Stretch

foam roller hamstring

Place a foam roller under the middle of your right hamstring. Place your left leg over top of it for added weight.

Palms down, put your hands on the ground with your fingers pointing towards the top of your body. Raise your bottom off of the ground.

Relax your hamstring muscle as much as possible and roll between the backside of your knee and your butt. Once you’re finished switch legs and repeat.

IT Band Foam Roller Stretch

foam roll it band
Image Source: 12 Minute Athlete

While laying on your side place a foam roller underneath your right hip bone.

With your left leg crossed over top of your right leg and your left foot firm on the ground lift your body off the ground

Roll back and forth between your knee and your hip bone. Feel free to rotate slightly to change the angle and target a different section of your IT Band. Remember to stay relaxed while rolling!