Top 4 Foam Roller Exercise Apps


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As we continue to become more technologically advanced, technology becomes a great tool to integrate into your workout regimens.

Smart phone exercise apps can be extremely beneficial and if used correctly, can really improve the quality of your workouts.

Learning how to use the foam roller correctly can be challenging at times.

However, with the use of some great smart phone applications, you will have all the resources you need right in your fingertips, so that you can get the most out of your foam rolling workouts.

Listed below are the top 4 foam roller exercise apps

1. Roll Release Techniques – $2.00

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This application is perfect for those learning how to use the foam roller. Designed by Dr. Ryan Emmons, there are 190 different videos showing you the best techniques and exercises for getting the most out of your foam roller.

For only $2.00, this the most comprehensive, easy-to-use foam roller application out there, and will really help you be healthier and knot-free! If you need a high-quality foam roller in which to perform these exercises, the GoFit massage roller is a great option.

If you have been using the foam roller for a long time and are advanced, the YES4ALL high-density foam roller is an ideal choice. However, if you are new to foam rolling, then the GoFit roller may be a better option.

2. Foam Rolling Exercises App – FREE

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This is a great foam rolling exercise app that has a lot of information explaining all ins and outs to foam rolling. The app links to youtube videos to give you a good visual for how to perform each exercise.

Whether you want to know how to foam roll for better posture, or how to foam roll individual muscles, this app has it all! Not to mention, it’s free! Can’t go wrong with foam rolling application.

3. Fitivity – Free

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This is another great, and free, application to use, whether you are a foam rolling beginner or expert. The app features videos, animated demonstrations and descriptions, a way to track workouts and exercises, multi-level workouts ranging from beginner to advanced, warm-ups, cool-downs, and random workout tips.

Although the app is “free,” if you want to be able to use everything the application has to offer, you’ll have to pay some money.

4. Foam Rolling by – Free


irehab app
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This is another great foam rolling app that has a wide range of videos to explain how to effectively use foam rollers. This app is a good choice because it creates different workouts for you. It groups different foam rolling exercises together to create a lot of different and awesome workouts.

Simply choose a routine, and the app will show you the way from there.

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